Build OGM, 2022-01-25

OGM Video Intros

  • light-hearted and social
  • an OGM host zooms with them, asks some questions, records video, ~3 minutes or so
  • new person gets to choose type of intro
    • light-hearted interview
    • serious, project-oriented

OGM Mattermost Channel Suggestions

general: start helping mailing list people have discussions on Mattermost in addition to the mailing list

  • [ogm] Welcome Wagon
    • use it as a "crew" channel?
    • decommission it, and invite newbies directly to the general discussion?
    • rename to "Welcome" or other more accesible name?
  • [ogm] Calls
    • should this be renamed to "general discussion" or similar? or should there be a separate "general discussion" channel? (Thought: rename current "Calls" as "General Discussion" because our history lives there, create new "Calls"-only channel, if folks want)
  • [ogm] Happy Hour
    • let's create this!
    • how to explain it, who starts it, etc.
  • [ogm] Money?
  • [ogm] 'Civil War'?
  • [ogm] Introductions?

CSC Mattermost

  • how to have an "Information Booth" (i) for new people to CSC Mattermost? (with eye to functioning whether staffed or not)
  • (how) should OGM help CSC welcome new people?