Build OGM, 2021-06-15


Jerry Michalski, Marc-Antoine Parent, Doug Carmichael, John Kelly, Hank Kune, Michael Grossman, Phil Kennedy, Shimon Waldfogel, Scott Moehring, Tony Markatos, Peter Kaminski, Rob Lindstrom.

while stipulating that "bean counting" around diversity is not the same as inclusiveness, what if we started tracking stats?

  • 0/12 women = 0%
  • 0/12 PoC = 0%

What Would OGM Do? (WWOD) (Jerry's Brain)

  • How can OGM be helpful to other organizations? (00:07)
    • Build community
    • What does it mean to partner with OGM?

OGM to foster:

  • collective intelligence
  • emotional intelligence
  • inclusion and diversity
  • host experiments and tests
    • "imagine if this thing existed, who's already working on this"
  • Take existing bodies of knowledge and make them available at the right times (make wisdom easier to use)
  • Map and share everything
  • Generative commons
  • Pioneer new practices for collaborative sensemaking
    • story threading


  • "the script in our head" (00:11)
  • "is there more variation within groups, or between groups?" (0:21)
  • "traditional positions of power" (0:25)
  • "systemic perspective" (0:26)
  • "How many of us have invited a poor Republican to join?" (0:32)
  • systems thinking (01:09)
  • a corporate "Senior Listener" role (01:13)
  • medicine, "case presentation", "case conferences"; "citizens commissions"; Brandeis brief (01:16)


The model of Collective Intelligence by Simon Buckingham Shum includes: Collective Sensing, Collective Sensemaking, Collective Ideation, Collective Decision, Collective Action. So not just sensemaking.

DSRP is not prescriptive as how to hands-on do systems thinking. It is about, as Derek says "the thinking behind the thinking". Think in terms of DSRP, and the result is a good Data Flow Diagram.

Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspectives (DSRP)

Here is an overview of projects Here is citizens commission


Tony: Adressing tough problems through a unified approach systems thinking Scott: creating the role of "Senior listener" Shimon: Creating a framework for having conversations, similar to medical casework. Creating a toolbox for guiding conversations and projects.

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