Lists of Tools

by Peter Kaminski

some of my favorite tools


  • Collaboration: Mattermost (like Slack, but open source, I run one for ~100 people)
  • Instant Messaging: Signal, Telegram (not WhatsApp)
  • Voip: Google Voice
  • Meeting scheduler (inbound): Calendly
  • Meeting scheduler (poll): starting to hate Doodle because of Outbrain ads, considering (which turned out to be probably too clunky)
  • Project Management: Airtable and bespoke base designs (which are super easy to build)
  • Keeping Track of All Kinds of Stuff: Airtable
  • Transcript-Based Video Editing: Descript
  • Wiki: (Notion as runner-up)
  • Web "Static Site Generator": Massive Wiki Builder
  • Static Website Hosting (free unless you need huge scale): Netlify
  • Real-time Collaborative Editor: HackMD (I plan to switch MeetingWords to CodiMD, the HackMD software)
  • Customer Forum: Discourse
  • Videoconferencing: Zoom
  • Time Zone Conversion:
  • Diagramming:
  • Email: Fastmail

Mac Software

  • Typora, Markdown editor
  • Docker, app virtualization
  • CleanShot, screencap
  • TextSniper, ocr screencap
  • Rectangle, window management
  • SoundSource, sound routing/management
  • , time zone conversion
  • Scapple, quick brainstorming/diagramming

Chrome Plugins

  • Adblock Plus
  • Create Link
  • Popup my Bookmarks
  • Stream Recorder
  • Vanilla Cookie Manager
  • Video Speed Controller
  • WorldBrain's Memex