Decentralizing, Centralizing, and Decentralizing Again

a post in Pete's Blog by Peter Kaminski

by Peter Kaminski, 2021-03-26

it's interesting to think about how -- and indeed, even whether to, or at least, when -- pages centralize when you have massive numbers of participants. Take a page like "Peter Kaminski" -- should all the versions of that page scattered around different decentralized wikis centralize towards one page in the aggregation wikis? will there be "namespaces" for people (like a /peterkaminski/ or /ogm/ or /cicolab/ top-level directory)? perhaps a massive wiki viewer would resolve one link name like "Peter Kaminski" into a multiplicity of destinations (/peterkaminski/Peter Kaminski, /ogm/Peter Kaminski, and /cicolab/Peter Kaminski)?